• Tom learned the value of hard work as he grew up on the family farm in West Tennessee.
  • Henco celebrates the opening of its new building in the Selmer Industrial Park.
  • Main Street in Hometown USA helped to make Henco Furniture a destination and "worth the drive."



He’s known as Mr. Henco or the man on TV who assured the Mid-South that “it’s worth the drive” to travel to Henco Furniture Store in Selmer, Tennessee.

Tom’s journey as an entrepreneur, though, started long before he and his wife, Sherry, opened Henco Furniture in the Selmer Industrial Park in 1996. By then, he had already started two successful national companies and dabbled in a dozen other ventures.

His life’s journey began as a young boy on the family farm in McNairy County, Tennessee, where he worked hard to help his father and mother care for a family of 9 children. He entered college without a high school diploma and then honed his salesman skills by selling Bibles door to door to pay for college.

Throughout his life, he remained firm in his belief of servant leadership, of building businesses that rendered services to his fellowman and that allowed employees to develop their full potential. It’s been quite a journey, Tom says … and certainly worth the drive.

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